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Back Pain

woman sitting on couch holding her back in painDid you know that millions of work days are missed every year due to an aching back? At Continuum Chiropractic, we see patients just like you every day who want to find natural relief from both chronic and acute back problems.

Thankfully, with focused chiropractic care, there’s hope for exactly that.

How It Works

Back pain generally occurs when a shift happens in the spine. This shift causes a chain reaction throughout the body as all of our ligaments and muscles are interconnected. In fact, where pain ultimately shows up may not be where the problem actually lies!

When you visit us for care, it’s our goal first and foremost to identify the cause of your pain and develop a plan of action to aid in healing your body naturally. We do this with a focused neurological and structural assessment which includes X-rays and a physical exam of the problem area.

We’ll recommend specific adjustment techniques suited for your needs-with us, you’re always more than just a number and will be treated with the unique care you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can back pain be prevented?

Yes! Back pain can not only be helped with gentle chiropractic adjustments, but it can also be prevented in the first place with a few simple tips. One of the best ways to prevent the pain from occurring is to strengthen core muscles. Your core is made up of many big and small muscles that help to keep your spine in proper alignment. A weak core is one of the most common causes for spinal bones slipping out of alignment. In the practice, we’ll show you how to do specific core stretches and exercises to strengthen the area.

Another important key in preventing back pain is maintaining proper posture of the head, shoulders and back. This means keeping your posture straight when you’re standing and sitting, as well as keeping your head held properly and not too far forward.

How many appointments until I feel better?

This depends on how severe your pain or problem is. Generally, pain is the last symptom to show in the body after an injury but often causes the most concern. While your pain may feel new, the injury has likely been there for days, weeks, or even years. We promise to do our best to develop a care plan that meets your goals while bringing you into health as quickly as possible.

Are adjustments painful?

Not at all. In fact, most of our patients find them extremely relaxing and even leave feeling better than when they arrived. We hope you’ll feel the same way!

Learn More Today

Tired of dealing with chronic or acute back pain? We’re here to help with a focused, custom, and gentle care plan that meets (and exceeds) your needs. Contact our team today to learn more about your options and get started with your first visit.

We can’t wait to welcome you into the practice and help you express your true health potential naturally. Get started today!

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