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Thompson Technique

Thompson TableThis is our most standard regular approach to adult care that Dr. Hayes uses. The most notable feature of the technique, developed by Dr. Clay Thompson, is that almost all adjustments are done with the drop table. With Thompson, we will get the same correction as adjustments done by hand, with much less tension and potentially damaging tension put on the body.

With this method, we’re using gravity to help with the adjustment. So a lot of what we do in the office is about minimizing the force that we need to get the corrective change that we want. As many patients like to get adjusted by hand, they will like that Thompson is a manual adjustment that also uses a specialized drop table to get the necessary correction.

Can the Technique Be Used on Different Parts of the Body?

Yes, it’s a full body approach from the sacrum and pelvis all the way up to the top of the neck and base of the skull. The method also includes leg check analysis and adjustment procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?


Is it painful?

Rarely does anyone experience pain with the Thompson Technique. One of the reasons we chose this method is that it puts a lot less tension on your body, so the adjustment tends to be more comfortable than some more forceful adjustment you might typically get. One of the paramount things at our office is minimizing force to the body.

Can children and seniors be adjusted with Thompson?

Yes, the table features a “weighing” system, where the drop pieces are set slightly heavier than the patient’s body weight. This allows for a gentle, yet effective adjustment for patients of all ages.

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