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human spine close upWe use this technique in a few different ways. The biggest thing for us is it’s the lightest force technique Dr. Hayes has found. “NetworkSpinal puts in very low pressures, similar to someone barely touching you with the tip of their finger,” he said.

Similar to Checking Your Knee Reflexes

Dr. Hayes explains to patients that using NetworkSpinal is almost like checking a reflex (e.g. when you get a reflex checked in your knee). The knee kicks out without you thinking about it. With the spine, there are a few areas that are delicate.

Using gentle force done in a specific direction, in just the right way, we can activate some reflexes within the spinal cord and surrounding muscles to help get some corrective changes we’re looking for.” Dr. Hayes

Giving a Cue to Your Body

With NetworkSpinal, it’s less of Dr. Hayes physically shifting a segment back the way it needs to go, and more giving a small cue to the body to help it make that correction by itself.

Initially, Dr. Hayes always uses a very low force. Doing so allows him to both get the corrections we want, and also prep the body for some other adjustments that he might do on a regular visit.


In addition to learning the basics of NetworkSpinal in chiropractic college, Dr. Hayes has attended seminars over the years since graduation and will go to 1-2 seminars a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because the method uses such light force, is it doing anything?

Yes! Your body is intricately constructed, and you can make significant changes in the body with small inputs if they’re done in the right way. It’s important to note that even if you don’t notice any changes on a specific visit, you’ll likely feel the changes over time.

Does it hurt?

No, again, as there’s hardly any pressure used, NetworkSpinal is extremely comfortable.

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