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Ear Infections

small kid with a big smileAn ear infection is simply an inflammation that occurs in the middle ear. The infection manifests as fluid buildup behind the child’s eardrum. This condition is called otitis media. While conventional medicine addresses ear infections with antibiotics or ear tube surgery, chiropractic care is an excellent alternative. It’s safe, effective, and there are no side effects. Dr. Hayes has considerable experience helping children with ear infections.

What Are the Signs?

If you notice some or all of the symptoms listed below, we encourage you to bring your child into Continuum Chiropractic:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fussiness and frequent cryin
  • Tugging or pulling on the affected ear(s)
  • Pus-like fluid draining from the ear(s)
  • Fever (particularly in newborns and young children)
  • A feeling of pressure inside the ear
  • Lack of body balance
  • Change in mood

This childhood malady is so common in little ones because of how the tubes in the ears are aligned during growth and development. You go through phases where the angle of those tubes shifts as a child grows.

There is some connection between the ear canals and the top of the spine. If some shifting takes place in your child’s spine or things get stuck in the top of the spine, it can cause some tension. That tension can end up affecting how the ears drain.

We need to stay on top of the movement and alignment within the top of the spine, and particularly have a strong connection to what’s going on in the ears. Again, the focus is on drainage more than anything else. Dr. Hayes will ensure everything can move and drain through the ears as it’s supposed to.

Chiropractic care can also help ensure that we optimize how well the immune system works, so your little one can fight off anything as effectively as possible when it pops up.

Book an Appointment

If your child suffers from ear infections, you don’t have to resort to tubes or antibiotics. Contact us today to book an appointment. By getting your child in as early as possible, we can help resolve their ear infection.


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