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infant holding mom's fingerInconsolable crying. Fussiness. Passing gas. Not only is colic unpleasant for infants, but also for parents. Colic can be especially frustrating for parents, because the baby’s crying occurs for no obvious reason, and no amount of consoling seems to bring any reprieve. These episodes often occur at night, when parents themselves are often exhausted.

What to Expect

In addition to running some neurological tests, Dr. Hayes will check your baby’s reflexes and ensure that things are positioned and moving the way they’re supposed to. Doing so will help make sure your child’s not in pain or hurting.

Many people think that gas pain is a big contributor to colic, so we ensure that all the nerves that supply that area can function and develop the way they’re supposed to. We want to make sure everything works well intestinally.

Even if everything is going normally and well with your infant, it’s important to get them checked. Misalignments in the spine can be corrected before any outward symptoms are present. Rest assured, Dr. Hayes uses gentle chiropractic adjustments.

We recommend getting your baby checked as early as possible. Doing so can help ensure your infant is happy, healthy and comfortable.

The causes for colic are varied and unknown. Although you can never determine what’s going on or why your baby is upset, we can make sure your baby’s spine is developing the way it’s supposed to and moving the way it’s supposed to.

At Continuum Chiropractic, we take a more global approach, and we want to ensure that we analyze everything from top to bottom at each visit. With a baby, they can’t tell you what’s hurting. We like our approach because it’s not dependent on the presence of pain.

Babies tend to respond a lot faster than adults, so they usually require a lot less care than older patients. Usually, we’re looking at a range of 6-12 visits. We’ll likely have you bring your baby in every other week for up to 2-3 times a week to get their colic under control.

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