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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Dr. Hayes is passionate about providing expert, compassionate pediatric chiropractic adjustments in the Greenville area. Pediatric chiropractic care is really about starting your kids early on a healthy lifestyle path by assessing and addressing the spine and nervous system. This sets kids up to take a lifelong proactive approach to wellness, and to connect the way they live to the way that they feel.

Children, like adults, live their lives through their nervous system, so we find it very beneficial to join them early and nudge their spinal growth in the right direction as they develop.

We treat kids for the same reason we treat adults: to offer a natural way to feel, move, and live better. While kids don’t typically have present or immediate pain, much of our adjusting is to align for growth and development or injury prevention. For young children and infants, we provide gentle adjustments to help assist in recovery from the trauma of birth, and check to make sure development and milestones are on track.

Children can benefit from pediatric chiropractic care in many ways, including:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved immune system strength
  • Feeding issues
  • Gas or constipation
  • Neurodevelopmental issues including ADHD, ADD, and autism spectrum disorders

These conditions all increase stress on the nervous system, which can cause further negative symptoms. Gentle pediatric adjustments allow us to decrease stress on the nervous system to clear up communication and enable health, growth, and relief.

We never force an adjustment on a child, and we always go at their pace. If it takes a few visits for your child to get comfortable enough and trust us enough to adjust, that’s part of the process, and we do not charge extra if your child needs this extra time.

All children respond to new situations differently, so your child could climb right up and be perfectly comfortable getting an adjustment immediately, or could take 5-6 visits of just hanging out with us in the office before we can get started with chiropractic care. No matter what your child’s pace is, we meet them where they are and adjust readily to their needs.

We will let your child hold our Activator instrument and use it on a stuffed animal, so if they are nervous they can hear the sounds and see how it works prior to getting adjusted. We patiently talk them through their concerns and let them handle the table and the equipment and explore the room if it helps them feel less afraid and more at ease.

Pediatric chiropractic visits are very age-dependent, but usually take about half an hour. With older kids and teenagers, we run the same neurological scans that we do for adults, but usually avoid x-rays unless they are specifically required. We never perform scans or x-rays on infants or babies, so those visits are usually shorter.

Learn More About Low Force Adjustments

We adjust children with lower force techniques because children benefit very easily from adjustment. We are able to apply highly effective care with very light pressure and use special equipment designed specifically for sensitive populations.

Contact us at (864) 605-7350 to set up your pediatric appointment today. Your kids are unique and deserve an early start to a happy, healthy lifestyle!

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